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  1. Genr8 High Voltage pre workout

    Genr8 High Voltage pre workout


    Genr8 High Voltage pre workout™ Genr8 High voltage pre workout science and spec. How do you fuel vigorous training sessions or competition? Even worst during low carb dieting? Most likely you know it is like pulling a ten ton truck everywhere you go!! Part of the drag may be due to lower muscle carb (glycogen) stores.[1,2] High-maximal intensity resistance training, in well-trained athletes, uses up as much muscle glycogen in a muscle with low glycogen as a muscle with normal glycogen content— with the same workout.1 But the other drag may be your brain in a relatively glucose-deprived state. Attempts to perform long-term studies comparing low- versus high-carb diets with high-intensity resistance training have failed, simply because the subjects on the low-carb diet couldn’t sustain hard training (relative to those on the higher carb diet).2 Carbohydrate is the substrate that fuels high-intensity training. Period 20 serve Genr8 High Voltage pre workout™ Learn More
  2. Bslim Bullet Anytime Energy

    Bslim Bullet Anytime Energy


    Bullet is a caffeinated supplement for people who want a pre exercise lift to their work out or who need a mental alertness boost at any particular time. Learn More
  3. Bslim Meal Replacment

    Bslim Meal Replacment


    Bslim Meal Replacment Flavours: Chocolate & Strawberry. KEY BENEFITS • Clinically Proven Fat Loss • Helps Convert Fat to Energy • Use In any Calorie Controlled Diet Learn More
  4. Bslim Starter Pack

    Bslim Starter Pack


    Bslim Starter Pack Over View Bslim Starter pack comes with: • 1 weeks supply of Bslim Meal replacement • 1 x Bslim bullet anytime energy • 1 x weekly diet Plan • 1 x Bodystat (must be able to come to our HQ) Learn More
  5. Bstrong Protein

    Bstrong Protein


    Bstrong Protein Overview Key Benefits • Build Lean Muscle • Burn Fat to Maximise workouts • 35g of fast Acting Quality Protein per full serve. bStrong™ protein is for women or men who want to enhance strength, lean muscle & to have a shaped physique. bStrong™ is the first food supplement guaranteed to increase muscle creatine and carnitine accumulation in humans with protected B technology. bStrong tastes great and because of its fat burning technology can be used repetitively in diets that support fat loss muscle shaping and a hard exercising ethos. Learn More
  6. GENR8 VS2 ( super Carb)

    GENR8 VS2 ( super Carb)


    GENR8 VS2 ( super Carb) GENR8 VS2 Flavours: Natural, berry, orange, mango, pineapple, watermelon Weight: 2000g, 4200g Price £32.99 £54.99 Overview: Genr8 VS2 Genr8 is a brand you can trust because it has been repeatedly tried, tested and trusted by top athletes in a wide variety of sporting disciplines over many years. Genr8 pioneered the introduction of super soluble Vitargo in the USA and the UK (S2) and now introduces a much improved second generation product (VS2) with even bigger and better results; The new VS2 dissolves far better so you can dial up or down the amount of fluid to be added to your shaker; The newVS2 has dial up or dial down versatility to enable you to tailor your dosage to your specific individual needs; for ‘top up’ energy; for Olympic ‘big style’ dosing for maximising performance; to overcome late afternoon fatigue or to fuel a competitive game or exercise session. You can now dial up the effectiveness of other supplements by adding a small dose of VS2 for example to hydrolysed Whey to increase the potency of muscle repair and building or with creatine to increase muscle strength. Learn More

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